Navigating Politics: Bloomberg’s days as a candidate may be over, but his political involvement is evolving

by Brooklyn Young Republican Club ~ July 6th, 2010.

Source: Edward-Isaac Dovere / City Hall News

Dan Donovan, the Republican attorney general nominee, clearly has Michael Bloomberg’s support. The mayor endorsed Donovan at his campaign kick-off, speaks warmly of him whenever given the chance and has already hosted a fundraiser for the Staten Island district attorney at his townhouse.

Who else will benefit from his financial and popular largess is, for now, unclear.

Which is not to say that Bloomberg, comfortable in his (for now) term-limited last round at City Hall and facing a potentially spiraling investigation into his campaign contributions thanks to the indictment of John Haggerty, will be sitting out this election year. Political events have already started appearing on his public schedule, including a short speech at the Republican State Convention dinner in early June to introduce former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a board member of his foundation and a charter-school advocacy ally.

And there will be more, on behalf of specific candidates.

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