How the New York City Charter Revision Commission Intends to Change NYC Government

by Brooklyn Young Republican Club ~ August 16th, 2010.

The New York City Charter Revision Commission met on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 to vote on resolutions that will provide the basis for the Commission’s Final Report and November ballot measures.  Note: the resolutions below are not the actual ballot measures; later this month the Commission will meet to vote on final proposed Charter amendments.

Commission resolutions adopted on August 11, 2010

Term Limits

  • Provide a limit of two consecutive full terms for the Mayor, the Public Advocate, the Comptroller, the Borough Presidents, and members of the City Council.
  • Prohibit the City Council from enacting a local law that would alter or permit the alteration of term limits in a manner that affects the term limit applicable to incumbent officials.
  • Establish that the two term limit would apply to those officials elected to their first full term of office on or after November 5, 2013.


Campaign Finance Disclosure

  • Require any individual or entity making independent expenditures over one thousand dollars ($1,000) to disclose to the Campaign Finance Board (CFB); empower the CFB to require entities making independent expenditures over five thousand dollars ($5,000) to disclose the source of those funds; require certain literature or advertisements funded through independent expenditures to disclose the names of individuals or entities making the expenditure.

Ballot Access

  • Reduce by approximately fifty percent (50%) the required number of signatures on petitions for the offices of the Mayor, the Public Advocate, the Comptroller, the Borough Presidents, and the City Council.

Voter Assistance

  • Reconstitute the Voter Assistance Commission (VAC) as the “Voter Assistance Advisory Committee” and place it within the Campaign Finance Board (CFB).

Public Integrity

  • Raise maximum fines for a single violation of the City’s conflicts of interest law from ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) and authorize disgorgement of gains obtained as a result of any violation; mandate that each employee of the City receive training in the City’s conflicts of interest law.

Government Administration


  • Authorize the Mayor to transfer, by executive order, the adjudicatory functions of various administrative tribunals into a single entity; issue orders and authorize a committee to effect consolidation; give the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) the authority to develop alternative qualifications for administrative law judges transferred to OATH.

Reporting Requirements

  • Create a commission to study the usefulness of reporting requirements and advisory bodies and to recommend to the City Council and to the Mayor the dissolution of requirements and bodies that are no longer useful.

Fair Share

  • Require the map of City-owned facilities that accompanies the Citywide Statement of Needs to also include the location of transportation and waste management facilities operated by New York State or the federal government, or by private entities that serve as the city’s counterparts in providing public services.

Download Charter Revision Commission resolutions (in PDF)

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