A Talk with Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) as Brooklyn YRs & Blogs Get National Attention

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On Monday, September 20, 2010, Jonathan Judge, the President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans, and I were invited to talk with Congressman Rob Bishop of Utah in New York City. The arrangement began when Ericka Anderson of the House Republican Conference in Washington, D.C. took notice of the reform movement Jonathan, myself and the Brooklyn Young Republican Club are spearheading here in Brooklyn. It was interesting to know that those in the nation’s capital are aware of the blogging, activism, and hard work we in the reform movement are doing to change Republicanism back to its intended roots.

Roy Antoun and Congressman Rob Bishop

Roy Antoun and Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT)

Ericka later connected us with a staffer from Congressman Bishop’s office who was eager to set up a meeting in the Grand Hyatt in New York. Upon meeting Congressman Bishop, Jonathan and I immediately wanted to know: What is the 10th Amendment Task Force?

Congressman Bishop, a former high school history teacher, Speaker of the House, and House Majority Leader, told us that the route the Federal government is taking the country is perverse and unconstitutional. What struck us most was his vehement belief that both political parties in United States politics dragged the country into this mess.  The Task Force that he is spearheading within the Republican Study Committee concentrates on small, limited, and Federalized government, which means a Constitutional government that gives power back to the State governments and refrains the Federal Government from imposing rules and regulations universally on the country. He said that the 10th Amendment Task Force focuses on “civil liberties” and, most importantly, “choices” for the people. It was music to my ears.

After meeting with the Congressman, a few other things struck me. I asked him, “What are your views on legislation like the P.A.T.R.I.O.T Act?” His answer was spot on. He said, “I wasn’t in Congress when it first passed; however, I voted against every extension of it…including legislation like No Child Left Behind.” His principled policy of limited government was clearly reflected in his voting record and vice versa. And while many Republicans in parts of this country are more concerned with issues such as religion, family values, and bombing third world nations, Representative Bishop exhibited core Republican values that were Constitutional–staying out of the private lives of citizens and keeping government local.

Our meeting with Congressman Bishop was productive and informative. It showed Jonathan and I that people across the country are “fed up with the Fed” and the anti-establishment fervor is spreading like wildfire across the U.S. Better yet, two reformers and their good work in Brooklyn, NY caught the eye of a Washington staffer and the House Republican Conference.

Special thanks to the folks at Atlas Shrugs for making reform possible across the interwebs ;-)

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