Brooklyn YRs Attend Students for Liberty Regional Conference

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On Saturday, October 23rd, Jonathan Judge, President of the Brooklyn YRs, and Roy Antoun, Communications Director of the Brooklyn YRs, attended the Students for Liberty Regional Conference at Columbia University in Manhattan.

Left to Right: Irina, Stacy, Roy, and Gregory. These student activists spoke about the importance of organization and good character.

At the event, Roy Antoun spoke on a Student Panel about activism, political involvement, libertarianism, and organizational structure. He touched upon one central point: incentive interest. Meaning, what do students get out of joining an organization? In a room filled with roughly 200 students, academics, and executive directors, Roy spoke about the importance of location and style when running a successful organization.

Toward the end of the event, the honorable David Boaz, Executive Vice President of the CATO Institute, delivered an eloquent speech about the tenets of libertarianism. He pointed out the importance of liberty and freedom in the marketplace and how relatively free the world is today compared to the Cold War; however, he noted that the fight for liberty at home is not over and libertarians and conservatives must continue to fight for their economic and social freedoms.

Students for Liberty closed the event with an inspirational remark by its Executive Director, Alexander McCobin who also noted that the SFL International Conference will be held in Washington, DC this February.

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