Statement in Response to Brooklyn GOP Chairman’s Misleading Announcement of Alleged “Re-launch” of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club

by Jonathan J. Judge ~ February 3rd, 2011.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, I have been asked to address you on the following situation. We have been monitoring the recent development of an alleged “re-launch” of a Brooklyn Young Republican organization by the Kings County Republican Party’s current establishment leadership. The Brooklyn Young Republican Club, founded in 1880, is quite alive and well, and is certainly without need for any party-sponsored “re-launch.”

This, however, is just the latest attempt by the current anemic leadership of the Kings County Republican Party establishment to distract Republicans from its persistent failures to earn any Republican challenger in Brooklyn a majority of support from voters. Instead of at least spending the past four years cultivating an enduring relationship with the diverse, civic-minded young Republicans in Brooklyn, Kings County Republican Party Chairman Craig Eaton has deliberately chosen to invest himself–and consequently the party–in destroying as much of the self-motivated, grassroots Republican activists that might rightfully challenge the all-talk, no-action status quo of its politically-compromised establishment.

Our organization, founded on the objectives of advancing Republican principles and government reform, continues to innovate new strategies for effective grassroots activism among young Brooklynites, and we continue to attract those same individuals to engage in and learn from the causes and campaigns that we as young Republicans support. Especially for these reasons, we continue our steadfast commitment to providing an open, inclusive and dynamic environment for Young Republican activism in every corner of our great borough. Everyone counts–from Williamsburg, to Kensington, to Bedford Stuyvesant, to Bay Ridge–and we exist to make that particularly true for all young Republican voters.

However, we now must publicly caution our membership and the general public against confusing this unilaterally Craig Eaton-sanctioned young Republican effort, which is based in the same tiny corner of southwest Brooklyn as all of the party’s other activities, from the authentic Brooklyn Young Republican Club, which has existed as a Brooklyn-wide organization for over 130 years and shall continue to do so regardless of what the temporary leadership of the Kings County Republican Party establishment prefers.

As authorized by the Board of Directors of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, we will take all appropriate action to thwart any attempts to deceive or mislead Young Republicans or the public in Brooklyn as to the existence, authenticity and purpose of our organization: the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, founded in 1880.

About the Brooklyn Young Republican Club: Following a successful effort to support the Republican Garfield/Arthur Presidential ticket, the Brooklyn Young Republican Club was founded in 1880 by renowned Republican and reformer Seth Low, who later served as Mayor of Brooklyn and of the City of New York. Since then, the Club has served as the launching pad for many notable Brooklyn Young Republicans in civic, social and political life. For more information on the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, visit our website at

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