Brooklyn Young Republican Club, Established 1880, Now More Proudly Independent Than Ever Before

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The Brooklyn Young Republican Club, established in 1880, has even more reason to be proud of its independence.  This weekend, in an unprecedented sneak move, a handful of insider Republican operatives in charge of the Association of New York State Young Republican Clubs, Inc., deceitfully revoked the Brooklyn Young Republican Club’s membership in order to admit Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton’s Young Republicans into the state organization within 10 days from its first meeting.

Since 1880, the Brooklyn Young Republican Club has always proudly maintained its grassroots, reform-minded Republican character.  These latest corrupt moves for direct control of independent Republican organizations by Mr. Eaton and the State Young Republican Association’s leadership, long beholden to establishment cronies, only serve to demonstrate how out of touch the Republican Party leadership is with the public and the grassroots of our party.  It also means there is much more work to be done in Brooklyn and New York State in cleaning the party up.

In fact, over the past year, voters across the country, and especially within the Republican Party, have expressed their anger and frustration with the ‘get-along, go-along’ status quo that has brought the rise of the Tea Party movement.  For too long, Republican Party leaders and insider operatives have expected grassroots Republicans to blindly follow their will.  Instead, our party needs to be open to those who do not always agree with the party leadership, including their choice of candidates.

After all, where would we have been in 2010 without principled, reform Republicans and Tea Party activists willing to challenge the failed Republican Party establishment?  For instance, nearly 7 out of 10 Republicans thought independent Republican Michael Grimm was the better nominee for the 13th Congressional District.  Yet if Mr. Eaton and his shrinking band of establishment supporters had gotten their way, Mr. Grimm would not be Congressman Grimm today.

Throughout our organization’s history, we have never shied away from calling out the corruption and misdeeds in both parties, while organizing voters around principled candidates and common-sense solutions.  The Brooklyn Young Republican Club believes that we need to put people before politics, good policy before patronage, and reform before the ‘go-along, get-along’ status quo.  We pledge to continue our commitment towards those ends and welcome all young Republicans, Tea Party activists, and young Brooklynites fed up with a failed, do-nothing establishment to join us in this tremendous opportunity to make sure the job gets done right.

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