RESOLUTION #4-2011 – Candidate Recruitment and Endorsement Resolution

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WHEREAS, The objects of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club are:

To promote and to secure support for the principles of the Republican Party among those who live, work and study in Brooklyn under 40 years of age;

To influence and enhance the public discourse in accordance with the spirit of the Republican Party’s political philosophy, including helping to shape that philosophy wherever necessary;

To exert such influence as it may on behalf of good government—Local, State and National;

To resist and expose corruption and promote reform in national, State and municipal affairs;

To watch local, state and federal legislation affecting our interests;

To arouse public interest in the conduct of government and make efficient public criticism upon it; and

To encourage young Republicans to seek membership in the Kings County Republican County Committee, to pursue other leadership positions, and to help grow local Republican organizations throughout Brooklyn.

WHEREAS, It is the opinion of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club that the recruitment, training and support of candidates for public and party office who are in sympathy with the objects of the Club is in the best interests of the Republican Party, the people and the integrity of our unique system of American government;

WHEREAS, Such a process, to generate success and confidence among fellow Republicans and the electorate, must be open, transparent, inclusive, independent of external influence, and free from taint of any kind;

WHEREAS, the Brooklyn Young Republican Club ultimately fulfills its stated objectives by successfully pursuing, in concert with as many likeminded individuals among the general public as possible, the election of such candidates to public and party office; now, therefore, be it:

RESOLVED, by the members of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, That the Brooklyn Young Republican Club hereby establish the following rules and procedures for participation in elections for public and party office:

SECTION 1: Club Participation

a. Every calendar year, the President shall inform the membership about which elections for public and party office will be held that year. Special elections shall be announced to the membership as soon as practicable.

b. A two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors or a majority vote of the membership may adopt a motion to participate in one or more contests. “Participate” shall include, but not be limited to, consideration of any of the following: recruiting candidates, interviewing candidates, training candidates, endorsing candidates, disbursing funds from the Brooklyn Young Republican Club Political Action Committee (BYRPAC) to campaign committees or on behalf of candidates, preparing and circulating petitions in concert with candidates’ campaigns, and securing support from within the Republican Party’s membership as well as the general electorate. “Contest” shall include, but not be limited to, offices filled in special elections, primary elections, general elections, and county, state and national Republican committee organizing conventions and meetings. Notice of participation shall be communicated to the membership within forty-eight (48) hours after such motion is adopted.

SECTION 2: Process for Recruiting, Interviewing and Endorsing Prospective Candidates

a. Upon adoption of a motion to participate, the Board of Directors shall, within seven (7) days, promulgate a schedule to accomodate the following actions, which shall be completed within a reasonable amount of time before any petitioning period begins or nominating convention is held:

1. Public Invitation

2. Establishing Criteria For Evaluating Candidates

3. Conducting Interviews of Candidates

4. Submitting Recommendations to Club Membership

5. Membership Endorsement Vote

b. Public Invitation. The President shall communicate or cause to be communicated a public invitation for all eligible Republicans to contact the Club regarding interest in pursuing candidacy for public or party office. The invitation shall specify the contest(s) in which the Club has elected to participate, the designated officer of the club to whom a reply must be sent, and a reasonable deadline for submitting a reply. The invitation shall also clearly state the objects of the Club, any relevant resources that have been approved to be at the disposal of a potentially endorsed candidate, and that only duly enrolled Republican voters should reply. Invitations must be sent out to the membership and the general public, including relevant media, political, civic and community organizations. All individuals who respond and are qualified to do so shall be permitted to participate in this process until the conclusion of a consideration for endorsement in their particular contest.

c. Establishing Criteria for Evaluating Candidates. The Board of Directors shall compile and adopt a list of criteria by which to evaluate prospective candidates. Prospective candidates shall be given opportunity to attest to their compatibility with these criteria. The Board may choose to appoint a special committee of members who reside in, work in or otherwise have special knowledge of the political subdivision where the election will be held to assist in proposing such criteria. However, nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to prevent any member from proposing such a list to the Board of Directors. Immediately after adopting the criteria, each prospective candidate shall have said list communicated to him/her.

d. Conducting Interviews. Prospective candidates shall be interviewed by the Board of Directors and any members who so wish to participate. All interviews shall be open to the public unless the full membership of the Board of Directors unanimously votes to restrict interviews to members only. An audio and/or video recording shall be made of all interviews and such recordings shall be made available for the inspection of any member on demand. The President or his/her designee shall moderate all interviews, shall set the format of such interviews, which may include debates, set uniform time limits for questions and answers, give each prospective candidate equal time for speaking, and shall provide equal opportunity to officers and members to ask questions of prospective candidates. Interviews shall be conducted according to the provisions established in Article XIII – Conduct of Meetings of the Club’s Bylaws.

e. Recommendations to Club Membership: The President or his/her designee shall submit drafted recommendations to the Board of Directors on prospective candidates. The recommendation shall include a qualitative analysis of how closely each prospective candidate meets the criteria established by the Board, any additional information disclosed during the interview, and any other information deemed relevant for thorough deliberation by the club membership. All prospective candidates must receive a recommendation, except those who do not participate in an interview. The Board of Directors shall consider the proposed recommendations and adopt a final copy to be submitted to the membership no later than ten (10) days before consideration of endorsement(s) is scheduled.

f. Membership Endorsement Vote: At any meeting, with a quorum being present, where one or more endorsements are scheduled to be considered, such consideration shall be given the highest precedence in the order of business. Each contest shall be considered separately from any other contests. During consideration of endorsement for each contest, any member may move to endorse one (1) prospective candidate, which must be seconded by two other members. If more than one motion to endorse a prospective candidate for a particular contest is made and seconded, they shall be considered and voted on together. Debate is permitted on the question of endorsement, and may be limited proportionally for each named candidate by a three-fifths (3/5) vote of the membership present and voting. A prospective candidate shall be endorsed by the Brooklyn Young Republican Club upon the two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present. In the event that more than two (2) prospective candidates are under consideration for endorsement and one does not receive the requisite two-thirds (2/3) vote initially, then the members present shall immediately reconsider the motion to endorse with only the prospective candidates receiving the highest and second-highest number of votes. Prospective candidates may not be present during voting for their contest, but they may be present for all other actions of the meeting. If no motion to endorse is made and seconded, consideration of endorsement shall be closed for a particular contest and the Club shall be considered as having made no endorsement. Voting by proxy shall be prohibited for motions to endorse. Votes shall be conducted viva voce, however, at the demand of any member, voting shall be conducted by a show of hands or secret ballot. Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to prohibit a prospective candidate who is a regular member of the Club from exercising his/her full rights as a member of the Club during such consideration of endorsement. Any endorsement may be reconsidered or rescinded for cause upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at any meeting of the club.


a. Rights of Members. Membership in the Club shall not impose the slightest restraint on the right of the individual to seek election, campaign and vote as he/she pleases; but no member shall wear the insignia of the Club at any time, or represent it in any official or unofficial capacity, who is not in harmony with the policy or endorsements of the Club at that time.

b. Exclusivity. Any candidate receiving the endorsement of the Club shall be entitled to the unqualified, exclusive support of the Club in all ways as duly authorized by the Club. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for organizing and directing all available Club resources and activities for the benefit of endorsed candidate(s), including any necessary training of such candidate(s), members of their campaign and supporters.

c. Advertisement. Endorsed candidates may freely advertise the club’s endorsement on all campaign materials with the following text: “Endorsed by the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, Est. 1880.” However, unless explicitly authorized by the Club, no candidate shall imply in any way the Club’s endorsement of any particular position or issue that the candidate represents. The Club shall also publicly make known the candidate(s) whom it has endorsed.

d. Restriction on Contributions to Club or BYRPAC by Prospective Candidates. The intent of this paragraph is to avoid any public perception of pay-to-play politics that is typical of most official party committees. For the period of time beginning with the adoption of a motion to participate and the end of a consideration to endorse in a particular contest, hereinafter referred to as the “endorsement process,” the Club shall not accept any donation, direct or indirect, to the Club’s funds or to BYRPAC from any prospective candidate or his/her campaign committee. However, any prospective candidate may apply for membership to the Club and pay the dues requisite for the preferred level of membership at any time during the process.

e. Prohibition of Gifts or Other Consideration to Officers During Endorsement Process. No officer of the Club or member of the Board of Directors shall accept any gift or other consideration, including promises of future paid or volunteer positions in a campaign, party organization or government position, during the endorsement process. Evidence of such acceptance shall be grounds for removal from office.

f. Officers and Members of the Board of Directors Disqualified From Endorsement. No officer of the Club or member of the Board of Directors is eligible to be considered for the endorsement of the Club as a prospective candidate in any contest unless he/she first resigns from his/her position.

Adopted by the membership of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club at its Second Quarter Meeting on March 30, 2011 at Pub One, 5 Front Street, Brooklyn, New York.

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