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Fellow Brooklynites,

After many recent inquiries, I wanted to personally share with you the news that I have decided not to seek a fourth term as President of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club.  Moreover, in light of all the recent developments in Brooklyn Republican politics involving our organization, I feel that you ought to know exactly what my decision means for the Young Republican reform movement in Brooklyn. It means we keep moving forward.

Since the current administration was elected in 2008, we have attracted many new, energetic Young Republicans who have gained a tremendous amount of experience and accomplishments in grassroots politics, and that has made us an invaluable resource in Brooklyn.  These notable individuals have also given the club much of their time and energy to advance many of the issues we have been promoting over the years.

As my third term comes to a close later this spring, now is the time for these hardworking members of our club to be promoted in the service of the organization and, by extension, the good people of Brooklyn.  I will be assuming the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the outgoing officers, Vice President Sam Rivera and Secretary Christina Bennett, will be serving as members of the Board of Directors.  Glenn P. Nocera, currently Treasurer of the organization, was nominated to run for President of the Club at our meeting last Wednesday.  He truly has an extensive background in local politics, and each of the nominees for the next administration are just as committed to the causes of reform as we were under the current administration.

Now, my job will be to oversee the administration of the club as a whole, as opposed to being responsible for the day-to-day administration of the club, which is the job of the Club’s President.

So despite the fact I’m not seeking a fourth term, I’m here to stay to pursue the next level of the work that we’ve started, much to the chagrin, I’m sure, of certain people in Brooklyn politics.

For those of you concerned with what, if any, impact recent Brooklyn Republican politics has had on this decision, let me assure you that it has not had any in the least.  We were quite aware from the time even before I was President that current Brooklyn Republican Party Chairman Craig Eaton, in his full-blown paranoia, was continuously looking at ways to try and eliminate the presence of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club over which he did not have any direct or indirect control.

Our internal strategy from the beginning was building the organization to be fully independent and self-sufficient in the event that a hostile chairman made a hostile move to try and harm our organization.  We have thoroughly succeeded on that front, and they have failed miserably.   In fact, there has only been a positive gain for us in membership and donations ever since!

Now that one of our main internal priorities from the beginning has been met, all of us in the current administration agreed that the next step is to help a new administration take over with our continued participation and leadership in the club, albeit in different capacities.  This way, for instance, we can begin to implement our recently adopted candidate recruitment initiative, for which we have been cultivating our Political Action Committee, BYRPAC.  Plus, we all have our eyes fixed on making further inroads in the Republican county committee convention this fall, where county-wide leadership is up for election.

We are anything but discouraged. If anything, the fact that the party leadership is still more concerned about what other Republicans are doing than competing on real issues in general elections has emboldened many of us to continue the pursuit of reform inside and outside the party.

So though I may be leaving this particular position, it is in order to pursue the same efforts at the next level in concert with my colleagues and friends in the Brooklyn Young Republican Club as well as with other concerned Brooklynites.

Lastly and most importantly, I want to thank deeply from the bottom of my heart Sam Rivera and Christina Bennett who tirelessly served the organization with me over these past three years.  We worked hard through good times and tough times, and there were many, many busy nights, but every bit of it was worth it.

I also want to thank Glenn Nocera for all that he has done and all that he will do as the Club’s next President-elect, along with Vice President-elect Roy Antoun, Secretary-elect Osher Gordon and Treasurer-elect Lou Perrotta.   These people are very much dedicated and selfless in their pursuit of reform for a better, more Republican and more Constitutional government for all Americans.  I can safely say that all of us in the club look forward to helping them accomplish even more in Brooklyn and beyond than we were able to under my watch.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to reach me personally for any reason, you may email me at [email protected] or call me at 347-278-7525.

Sincerely and gratefully yours,

Jonathan J. Judge
Brooklyn Young Republican Club
Established 1880

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