The Brooklyn Young Republican Club Coverage Of The Vice Presidential Debate.

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     In order to understand Joe Biden, a good starting place is his favorite government program, Amtrak. Biden likes to talk about how he commuted to DC from Delaware on the federal railroad that operates with the speed and efficiency of the post office. Now, he has met his vice presidential opponent Paul Ryan to appear before the American public and explain why the Obama-Biden folly deserves not to be summarily fired and sent back to Chicago on a slow, overpriced passenger train.

    Last night’s debate jumped from domestic to foreign issues and back again, and the Vice President opened by deflecting a question about the death of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya – security for whom is the responsibility of the secretary of state, and ultimately, the President. He quickly shifted the focus off of the Libya embarrassment and on to the operation that resulted in killing Osama bin Laden. Reviled as bin Laden was, the Obama administration denied the American public the opportunity to have justice served with a trial and judicial punishment; and furthermore, it is difficult, if not impossible, to say for certain whether the current president, or his predecessor, deserved a greater share of the credit for that operation. Just as Obama has escaped accountability for his failures, Biden completely sidestepped the issue. 

    When discussion turned to Iran, both candidates were in agreement on the subject of nuclear weapons, and the debate was over was whose sanctions were tougher. Rather than hold a civil and well-reasoned discussion, the vice president liberally interrupted Paul Ryan as he tried to explain why it makes no sense for American foreign policy decisions to be subject to approval by the United Nations, and it was hard for either side to make a point. Biden made the point that Iran is more isolated today than it was at the beginning of the Obama administration, but Ryan pointed out that there have been twenty waivers granted to the supposedly tough sanctions on Iran. Syria was also mentioned, and that country has been the target of a significant amount of intervention by Iran; it is clear to all sides that Iran is hundreds of miles from Syria and has no business whatsoever meddling in internal Syrian affairs. Paul Ryan pointed out that the Obama administration had, at one point, called Bashar Assad a “reformer”; perhaps Assad supporters changed “Yes We Can!” in Arabic.

    There was a vigorous debate on Medicare and “Obamacare,” as expected, and the presence of Paul Ryan in this debate is a credit to Mitt Romney who was not afraid to choose a running mate who made a name for himself championing reforms that will stop the runaway train that is entitlement programs. The Obama healthcare plan will, inevitably, come to resemble Biden’s beloved Amtrak; that is to say, wherever you are going, you’re better off walking, and walking is good for your health. Paul Ryan was, of course, attacked for trying to reintroduce an element of market pricing into health care. To people who have spent their lives on a DC-bound Amtrak train, market pricing does not compute. For those of us in the real world, it is a rational alternative to bankrupting the nation due to an out of control health care system. Here, the Obama-Biden ideological true colors shine through, and their refusal to even consider scaling back an entitlement program – even when the numbers clearly tell us that it is the road to economic ruin – shows how irrational the “Yes We Can”s truly are. 

    Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, as you may know, is the “first” state. They became first by ratifying the Constitution first, though they were probably in such a hurry to become “first” that they didn’t bother reading it, a tradition that Delaware’s senators seem to have upheld for many years. Last night’s debate showed a contrast between the crass ideology of “Yes We Can” (and now, the vaguely totalitarian, Leninist “Forward!”) that loves entitlement programs and will fight to the last to defend them, and a Republican ticket that is being shouted down because of its willingness to propose even modest reforms in a broken system. While there is unfortunately (or fortunately, if you are Joe Biden) only one vice presidential debate, last night was another demonstration of the momentum started by the first presidential debate that will carry Mitt Romney through November.


By Paul Hanson, Member of the Board of Directors

Brooklyn Young Republican Club.

Going  Strong Since 1880.


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