New York Post Covers Brooklyn Young Republican Club

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The New York Post came out today with a feature on the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, established in 1880, and its ongoing efforts to sway Brooklyn towards Republican principles:

By the age of 7, Glenn Nocera already identified as a Republican. And already, he was outnumbered.

Nocera’s father was a union pressman, and pretty much by definition that meant a Democratic household, in step with the Democratic households surrounding theirs in the Kensington section of Brooklyn. So when Nocera became captivated by Ronald Reagan at a young age and soon decided his personal party affiliation lined up with the Gipper’s, he was putting himself in a distinct minority.

Eventually, Nocera converted his immediate family, he says. But his days of swimming against the tide had just begun.

Young Republicans Moshe Muratov (from left), Glenn Nocera, and Daniel Nizza are outnumbered in enemy territory, but say they’re suited to bring GOP votes to Brooklyn. Photo by Angel Chevrestt.

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