Brooklyn Young Republican Club’s Coverage of the Oct 22, 2012 Presidential Debate.

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With fourteen days left until Election Day, in a race that can turn on any one of many political dynamics from jobs to Iran to oil and gas, the nation was given one last chance to see a side-by-side match-up of two teams who are fighting for the last few yards as we come down to The Big Game on November 6th. While the Bears may have won on Monday Night Football, the tired and failed Chicago political machine will be stopped in its tracks by America’s Comeback Team of Romney and Ryan, and last night’s debate in Boca Raton showed the desire of a future one-term president to continue to make a mess of the American economy and push his leftist ideology on a nation that is tired of it.

With the focus of the debate on foreign policy, Mitt Romney was able to lay out one of his most significant and decisive proposals: to designate China a “currency manipulator,” which will enable the U.S. government to take action to counteract the Chinese attempts to stack the deck in their favor. Indeed, China’s centrally planned economy – in which the government displaces the individual as the primary economic decision maker – is antithetical to American principles. Having a government agency that manipulates the value of a nation’s currency, and allowing politicians and bureaucrats to dictate who can trade with whom, is a destructive policy that will wreak havoc on any nation that adopts it. Backing up his argument, Romney cited the auto industry, which has been particularly hurt by economic fluctuations around the world.

Iran also occupied a prominent place in the debate, as well as the wider regional turmoil in the Middle East. The situation in that region has largely deteriorated during Barack Obama’s presidency, and aside from a tenuous claim of credit in the killing of Osama bin Laden, the current administration has little to show for its overseas efforts. Syria was a subject of discussion, and is particularly relevant because it is a target for Iranian meddling. Iran, which is located hundreds of miles from Syria, has no business meddling in Syrian affairs, and the international community should not tolerate any nation displaying such aggression. Mitt Romney pointed out the lack of leadership displayed by Barack Obama in this area, and while Romney prudently opposes arming Syrian rebels – a strategy that could easily backfire – he recognizes that a ruler such as Bashar al-Assad, so hostile to basic human freedoms, cannot long endure.

There was discussion of domestic issues, as well, and it was here that the candidates’ showed their true colors. The President’s claim that Romney’s proposed tax cuts will “damage necessary investments” is simply insulting and shows his government-is-best ideology more clearly than any single quote he has made the entire campaign. Taxing productive people in order to redistribute – with the redistribution being done by unionized government employees – is Barack Obama’s idea of an “investment.” Those of us who have lived outside of the political system know that this is ridiculous. Just look at our own state of New York, where past “investments” have left the state with a quarter-trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities, payable to yesterday’s government employees (yes, fellow taxpayers, that is a quarter trillion dollars we will have to come up with.) Only a dyed in the wool Democrat would stand in the way of tax cuts for the productive sector of the economy in order to fund the next generation of government bureaucrats. “Damage necessary investments,” Mr. President? What about the ones we individuals are trying to make on our own? These are truly necessary, sir, and your taxes and social welfare schemes are making them impossible.

The takeaway from last night’s debate, unfortunately, will probably be silly quotes about battleships and “bayonets and horses,” which is the media’s way of appealing to the “Yes We Can!” voter and diverting them from the many issues of substance that have been discussed. It is up to the grassroots GOP effort – which, fortunately, is going strong, especially in key states like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio – that will prevent us from repeating the mistake of four years ago. Here in Brooklyn, as “Romney’s Boys in the Hood,” we are gearing up to support our candidates up and down the ticket and send the Chicago machine home.

By Paul Hanson.
Member of the Board of Directors
Brooklyn Young Republican Club.
Going Strong Since 1880.

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