Happy New Year From The Brooklyn Young Republican Club.

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We at the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, know that our fellow Young Republicans are happy to see 2012 leave us. especially in light of the results of this past years Presidential election.

Look at the bright side,we survived the wrath of the Mayan calendar Armageddon day of December 21st, and we will continue to survive the results of this past election day of November 6th. America is stronger then any one president. We survived the Great Depression and Major Wars, and we will certainly survive a 2nd term of President Obama.

America’s best days are still yet ahead of her. The American peoples spirit of creating new innovations and inventions  that powered us throughout the 20th Century which was better known as the American Century, will continue on throughout the 21st century. 

Although there might be bumps in the road throughout this century, America at the end of the day will persevere.  Who knows our next President might be another Ronald Reagan, and like Ronald Reagan  we as Americans should always strive for that “shining city on a hill.”  We are Americans damn it and we should never settle for anything less.

So we at the Brooklyn Young Republican Club  wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year. May 2013 be the year that America’s unemployed find work, and may the pain that was felt and continues to be felt by many Americans after Super Storm Sandy be relieved in this new year, and may America continue to be a Country that is Blessed by God.



Glenn P. Nocera  President

Brooklyn Young Republican Club.

Going Strong Since 1880.

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