Mickey Mouse Figured It Out Why Can’t The President.

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In the late 1939 Mickey Mouse comic strip, Mickey exchanges places with a prince who appears to be his spitting image. During this story Mickey proceeds to try and fix the Prince’s country.

Fast forward seventy-odd years and yet another Cartoon Character finds himself in power. Like Mickey he finds the government broke and taxes high. The economy stinks. Unlike Mickey who realized the government was taxing the productivity out of people we find our own President Goofy saying “More taxes! We’ll get ourselves out of this hole by digging faster! Harder! More!” As we approach the beginning of his 5th year in office plus 2nd term in office (How the hell did that happen twice now?!) and during this Season of Giving I have a few simple questions for you:

Are we in this shape that we are now because people wanted more than they needed?

That when government offered everyone a carrot we asked for another instead of asking how much and where plus whom the money was coming from?

Are we broke because everyone wanted to play with their neighbors money instead of their own?

Did the allure of kicking the bill down the road and hoping someone else would be there by the time the bill became ready to pay seem too good to resist?

The president ran on a platform of “Hope” and “Change” four years ago. He blamed his predecessor for all of this nation’s problems and later his failures as a leader. Here we are four years later but now we hope to have just enough change in our pockets to get to and from work to pay taxes for poor services, bad government, and corrupt officials. And the President is still blaming his predecessor for his poor performance as a leader.

In 1939 Mickey Mouse figured it out that high taxes and a broke government meant one thing and one thing alone. Apparently President Obama isn’t as smart as a cartoon Character.


By Alan Bemben

Board of Directors Member

Brooklyn Young Republican Club 

Going Strong Since 1880.

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