Statement By Brooklyn Young Republican Club President Glenn P. Nocera On State Senator Marty Golden’s Vote On Governor Cuomo’s Gun Control Bill.

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Dear Senator Golden. As President of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club I wanted to convey my club members disgust with your vote on Governor Cuomo’s Gun control bill. We see this vote as a slippery slope to totally removing gun’s from law-abiding citizens . We believe that this bill will not change any future Sandy Hook type shootings,since a criminal will always find a way to create carnage wherever or whenever he wants. Especially if there is no one with a gun to stop him.That is why we need more law-abiding gun owners to stop any future Sandy Hook type shootings. Although there was one good element of the law,and that was the section on the mentally ill not owning guns. we however still feel the section of limiting the amount of rounds in a gun to 7, infringes on our second Amendment rights. We were also not comfortable in the way the bill was put up for a vote without public debate in the cover of darkness. So in closing Senator Golden we wish you would reconsider your stance on this issue if it ever comes up again for a vote in the future. Thanks for listening.

Glenn P. Nocera. President

Brooklyn Young Republican Club.

Going strong Since 1880.

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