Lhota Wins Final Debate, Next Stop Gracie Mansion.

by Brooklyn Young Republican Club ~ October 31st, 2013.

            With just five days until the election, New Yorkers were presented with the last of three debates last evening between Joe Lhota and Bill de Blasio, once again showing the major contrasts between the candidates in their ideology, level of experience, and vision for the city. Joe Lhota has once again demonstrated that his combination of principle, leadership ability and knowledge of the workings of government make him the only candidate who will keep New York City moving forward.

            While the major issues – stop and frisk, taxes, and education – have been discussed by the candidates and in the media at great length, there has not been as much discussion of the political realities surrounding each candidate’s agenda, and those realities were part of last night’s debate. Bill de Blasio’s signature proposal is a tax increase on “the wealthy” to fund universal pre-kindergarten. It is important to take de Blasio’s words with a grain of salt, because as Joe Lhota has pointed out on several occasions, no tax increase on “the wealthy” ever turns out to be only on “the wealthy” – the middle class will soon find itself paying more as well. de Blasio’s proposal is almost like a tax increase in search of a government bureaucracy to be constructed; in this case, the largesse will go to the education system – which is lacking for new ideas and reform, but not for money, of which it already gets plenty.

            In order to make his plan a reality, de Blasio will need to obtain approval of the state legislature. The Assembly and Senate are often perfectly content to enact new tax-and-spend schemes, but this one might run into some trouble; Governor Cuomo has already raised taxes on “the wealthy,” and he probably won’t push his luck trying to do it again. Facing election next year, the governor’s plan is to talk like a moderate and hope that voters will forget the far-left agenda he pushed for most of his first term. Should someone like de Blasio become mayor, his proposals will gain little traction among Cuomo’s allies in the legislature, and New York City will have a mayor whose political capital will soon be exhausted, spent on proposals that will do nothing to increase quality of life, fight crime, or genuinely improve education.

            In tonight’s debate, Joe Lhota pointed out Bill de Blasio’s lack of executive experience. His entire career has been spent in one form of left-wing politics or another, and any claim by de Blasio that he is ready to tackle the complex problems of government such as balancing a budget or negotiating a labor contract, is pure showmanship. Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg won five elections between them because New York City voters know that party affiliation is not the most important qualification to be mayor. Experience, knowledge, and leadership is what we need in a mayor, not Marxist-inspired rhetoric; thousands of Democrats, considering the path that New York could take under a bad mayor, will vote for Joe Lhota for this reason. Even New York’s most famous liberal mayor, Ed Koch, saw the results of runaway government programs and how they threatened to destroy the city. Koch described himself as a “liberal with sanity,” and was successful as mayor during a difficult period in our city’s history. Bill de Blasio is a liberal for the sake of being liberal, gleefully touting his tax-and-spend plans that will be a giveaway to public sector employees at the expense of everyone else.

            As the election draws nearer and with three debates behind us, we will continue working hard to elect Joe Lhota as our next mayor and keep New York moving forward as it has done for almost twenty years under Republican mayors. We congratulate Joe on an outstanding debate performance and we are proud to stand by his side as we approach election day.

From the Brooklyn Young Republican Club’s Board of Directors.


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