by Brooklyn Young Republican Club ~ May 18th, 2017.

Dear Member,

You are receiving this email because you have either joined this year, renewed your membership from last year, or are eligible to renew a past-due membership.

Pursuant to our bylaws, the Brooklyn Young Republican Club is once again preparing to hold elections for our Board of Directors, which will be held at our annual meeting in June.

The positions up for election are:

  • One President
    Currently held by Brandon Washington
  • One Vice President
    Currently held by John Curzio
  • One Secretary
    Currently held by Raimondo Ranalletta
  • One Treasurer
    Currently held by Paul Hanson
  • Fifthteen Members of the Board of Directors which also includes the Four club Officers (created as of November 2010)
    Currently held by Chairmen of the Board Glenn Nocera, Moshe Muratov, Jonathan Judge,  Joshua Ferraiuolo, Shahid Amin, with Six vacancies.

Nominations for positions on the Board of Directors, which include club officers, are submitted via email to the attention of the Elections Committee Chair, Larry Schneier, who was appointed on April 15, 2017 by the Board of Directors, pursuant to our bylaws.

Nominations may be made by any club member in good standing by emailing the list of nominations to [email protected]

Please be sure to let the Election Committee Chair know your full name so he could cross check if you are eligible to summit your nominations.(Failure to do so will result in your nominations being void for consideration.) The Elections Committee will certify that nominees are qualified to serve and will ensure that they disclose compliance with our bylaws’ conflicts of interest provisions.

All nominees for the Board of Directors must be current dues-paying regular members (which also includes student members) in good standing.  Nominees for club office must have been a member in the previous year.

Nominations must be received on or before 12:00 AM Sunday May 21, 2017.

No nomination made by a member who is not in good standing may be accepted.  If you would like to make a nomination or run for a position but have not paid your dues yet for 2017, please visit and renew online today.

Nominations will be read out and seconded at our May 21st Meeting.  Any nominee who is not seconded will not be eligible to run for office at the Annual Meeting.

If you have any questions, please refer to the club’s bylaws or email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-347-560-1880.


Glenn P. Nocera

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Brooklyn Young Republican Club

Going Strong Since 1880.

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