Join The Brooklyn Young Republican Club For Our Clubs Presidential Elections On Sunday June 24, 2018.

by Brooklyn Young Republican Club ~ June 17th, 2018.


Join the Brooklyn Young Republican Club for our clubs Presidential election on Sunday June 24th from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the backyard of 616 East 4th Street Brooklyn New York 11218.

Only eligible dues paying club members who are below the age of 40 could vote in this election. The deadline to become a club member for 2018 to become eligible to vote in our elections have already ended no new memberships will be eligible vote on Election Day.

Directions – Take the F train and get off the Ditmas Avenue stop then walk towards Ocean Parkway and make a left turn onto East 4th Street

Elections will be held in the backyard of 616 East 4th Street. A tent will be provided if there is any inclement weather.

Brooklyn Young Republican Club

Memorandum on Club Elections Rules, Procedure and Policy


The Constitution & Bylaws (the “Bylaws”) of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club (the “Club”) govern the Club in all respects in all of its affairs, subject only to any applicable local, state and Federal laws.

As authorized by the Bylaws, resolutions duly adopted by the Club’s Board of Directors (the “Board”) and/or the Club’s membership may establish rules, policies and procedures wherein they do not conflict with any provision of the Bylaws. Resolutions may also amend the Bylaws from time to time in the manner that the Bylaws prescribe.

On any given matter where the Bylaws and resolutions of the Club are unclear or remain silent, Article III, Section 8 of the Bylaws empowers the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order (“RROR”), the most widely used manual of parliamentary procedure in the United States since 1876, to provide clarity on rules, policies and procedures to the extent that it may provide.


Club elections are held at the Club’s Annual Meeting. The Elections Committee solely administers all Club elections, serves as tellers during elections, prepares and collects ballots, tallies the vote, and announces the results (Art. VIII, Sec. 5 & 6, Bylaws).

At a meeting held on May 19, 2018, the Board scheduled the 2018 Annual Meeting by resolution, pursuant to Bylaws Art. IV, Sec. 2, to be held on Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 4:30 PM.

1. Composition & Qualifications of the Elections Committee

The Elections Committee consists of one Chair, nominated by the President and elected by the Board on or before January 31st of each year, and between one to six other persons serving as members of the committee, who are selected and appointed at the discretion of the Elections Committee Chair (Bylaws, Art. VIII, Sec. 2).

The Chair of the Elections Committee must have been a member for at least one year at the time of their election by the Board of Directors (Bylaws, Art. VIII, Sec. 2).

The Bylaws do require the Chair to be a Club member, but they do not require the Chair to be a member of any particular class–Regular, Associate or Honorary (Bylaws, Art. VIII, Sec. 2).

Any member of the Elections Committee, including the Chair (a) may not run for Club office during their term and (b) may not vote in any election over which they preside (Art. VIII, Sec. 2, Bylaws).

Since the Bylaws say the Elections Committee Chair may appoint between one and six “persons” to serve on the committee to administer the elections, the other members of the committee do not need to be members of the Club (see RROR 11th Ed., §13, p. 174 L35-p. 175 L1-4).

2. Qualifications to Vote

Only a Regular member of the Club in good standing is eligible to cast a ballot (Bylaws Art. VIII, Sec. 3). To clarify, Associate, Honorary, non-members and Regular members who have failed to pay their dues for the current year are NOT eligible to vote at the election.

The Club’s Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the list of Regular members in good standing who are eligible to vote in elections and provide that list to the Elections Committee for the election (Bylaws Art. V, Sec. 4(c)).

New member applicants who have not had their membership applications approved by the Board of Directors prior to the meeting at which nominations were held, which was May 20, 2018, will not be eligible to vote, as no new membership applications can be approved for any reason between nominations and elections (Bylaws Art. III, Sec. 4).

3. Method of Voting

A. In Person

All voting is done by secret ballot, which are prepared by the Elections Committee (Bylaws Art.

VIII, Sec. 3). Ballots will contain a write-in field for contested races (RROR 11th Ed., §45, p. 414 L3-5).

No ballot may be used that was not prepared by the Elections Committee (Bylaws Art.

VIII, Sec. 5).

A majority of all completed ballots cast shall be necessary for the election of candidates (Bylaws Art. VIII, Sec. 3). If no candidate receives a majority of ballots cast, the Elections Committee Chair shall announce to the membership “no election” and immediately direct the Committee to begin an additional round of voting (RROR 11th Ed., §46, p. 439 L31-35 – p. 440 L1-2).

B. Proxy

While Bylaws Art. VIII, Sec. 3 allow for the possibility of voting by proxy, which allows Voters to assign other Voters the right to cast ballots on their behalf during an election because they will otherwise not be able to attend in person, Bylaws Art. VIII, Sec. 4 requires the Board to adopt rules and regulations to enable proxy voting, which the Board, at this point in time, has never done.

Furthermore, RROR prescribes against proxy voting in deliberative assemblies and organizations that are nonstock corporations, and therefore does not provide any default rules or regulations governing it (RROR 11th Ed., §45, p. 428 L28 – p. 429 L1-14).

Consequently, in the absence of any rules or regulations under any recognized authority, unless and until the Board of Directors adopts rules and regulations to prescribe the manner in which proxy voting may occur, proxy voting is, ipso facto, prohibited.

4. Annual Meeting Procedure

With a quorum of Club members being present, which requires ten percent (10%) of the Regular membership in good standing (4 Regular members in good standing as of the 2018 Elections), the President shall call the meeting to order (Bylaws Art. IV, Sec. 5).

When the meeting’s agenda reaches the Elections, the Elections Committee Chair shall take the floor and begin the process of reviewing the rules and procedures for the members present. After reviewing the ground rules, the Elections Committee shall begin to accept one Voter at a time to sign in, receive their ballot, complete it, and leave the voting area. The Elections Committee Chair shall verify no other Voter intends to vote before closing the round of voting. Then, the Elections Committee will proceed to count the ballots. If a candidate receives a majority of the vote, the Elections Committee Chair will declare that candidate elected and that candidate will take office immediately upon announcement, so long as they do not decline election. If no candidate receives a majority, the Elections Committee Chair shall announce “no election” and then immediately commence subsequent rounds of voting until a candidate receives a majority.


Reported by Elections Committee Chair Larry Schneier

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Elections Committee as tellers of all Club elections in Club Bylaws Art. VIII, Section 6, and pursuant to the rules and procedures prescribed in Robert’s Rules of Order, I hereby state the following policies and procedures for the conduct of elections at the Club’s Annual Meeting on June 24, 2018:

1. The voting area for receiving and casting ballots shall be restricted to all persons except Election Committee members and one Regular member in good standing (the “Voter”) at a time for the sole purpose of casting their ballot. A sufficient amount of space shall be set aside to avoid interference from non-Election Committee members during the vote.

2. The Elections Committee shall provide a lockable ballot box for depositing ballots during each round of voting. The ballot box shall be opened at the beginning of each round of voting and publicly demonstrated to the members present as being empty and without any kind of tampering or other modification. The ballot box will be locked to allow commencement of a round of voting. The ballot box will be supervised at all times by at least two members of the Elections Committee. The ballot box must be placed in a conspicuous area visible to all members and candidates during voting, but not to the extent that tampering may be made possible or a Voter’s vote may be discernible as they cast it into the ballot box.

3. For each round of voting, the Voter must find their name printed on the list of eligible Voters and sign next to it first before receiving one (1) ballot. The Elections Committee will have multiple copies of such list and of such ballots in the event of more than one round of voting.

4. The Voter shall be provided a secluded, private space, free of any kind of interference or electioneering, to complete their ballot. The Voter may only choose one (1) candidate per race for Club office, or up to the maximum number of Members of the Board of Directors.

Voting for more than one (1) candidate for Club office or in excess of the total number of Members of the Board of Directors shall make the ballot null and void and it will not be counted. Failure to vote for any candidate on a ballot shall render the ballot blank and therefore it shall not be counted.

The Voter shall deposit their ballot into the locked ballot box after completing it. A Voter must deposit the ballot they received into the ballot box, even if it is left incomplete, before leaving the voting area, to ensure proper accounting of ballots issued with ballots cast.

5. After each Voter present has been given a reasonable opportunity to vote, the Elections Committee Chair shall ask if any other Voters who have not voted wish to do so. After a brief pause, if there are no other Voters wishing to vote, the Elections Committee Chair shall announce the current round of voting closed. By either unanimous consent or by a two-thirds vote of the Voters present and voting, a round of voting may be closed (RROR 11th Ed., §30, p. 286 L15-33).

After closing the round, the Elections Committee shall proceed to unlock the ballot box and publicly count each ballot, tallying on paper for each candidate the number of votes received, until there are no more ballots left to be counted. The empty ballot box shall once again be presented publicly to the members present to demonstrate no uncounted ballots remain.

Upon completing the tally of all votes cast, if a candidate has received a majority of ballots cast and completed, the Elections Committee Chair shall announce their election, which shall take effect immediately upon announcement. In the event no candidate receives a majority of votes, a new round of voting shall immediately commence.

No candidate’s name shall be removed from the ballot unless they publicly declare their intention to withdraw from the election and sign a written statement attesting to this fact. At such point, the Elections Committee shall cross off the name of the withdrawn candidate from any subsequent ballots before the next round of voting.

6. In the event of a dispute as to the legality of a ballot, eligibility of a Voter, the legality of a round of voting, or any other concern not provided for in the Club Bylaws or by resolution of the Board of Directors or the Club, the Elections Committee will refer to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Directions – Take the F train and get off the Ditmas Avenue stop then walk towards Ocean Parkway and make a left turn onto East 4th Street

Elections will be held in the backyard of 616 East 4th Street. A tent will be provided if there is any inclement weather.

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