Statement By Brooklyn Young Republican Club President Glenn Nocera On The Arrest Of Joseph Hayon.

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It had come to my attention yesterday that a Republican Party Official named Joseph Hayon, Who had run for City Council and the New York State Assembly and who currently serves in various Republican party positions like Republican County Committee member and outreach Chair for the party, was arrested for possession and sharing of child porn from his home computer. The Charges are very disturbing to say the least, especially If the charges are true and if he is found guilty.

Joseph has been around our party since 2008 and is known by our club members since he had been a guest speaker at our club after he was endorsed by the Brooklyn Republican Party to run for his different candidacy’s. To say the Brooklyn Republican Party or any other organizations or public officials are guilty also, just because they know Joseph or worked with him in the past is totally ludicrous. But there are people in our party who have a personal vendetta against our club and certain people,who like to play that dangerous game of guilt by association. Those people are top Brooklyn Republican Party officials Russell Gallo and Gene Berardelli. There constant cyber bullying does not serve their boss Brooklyn Republican Party Chairman Craig Eaton well or our party.

In no way do I believe that Chairman Eaton is behind these unprofessional attacks on fellow party members, but I am asking him to please tell his people to stop these public disgusting vile attacks on Twitter and the internet. These public vile displays only help the democrats. We the Brooklyn GOP need to stand together and build this party not divide it like what Mr Gallo and Berardelli have been doing for years. There is no place in our party for their childish behavior, and once again if Joseph is found guilty of these crimes against our children then he should simply burn in hell where he would belong.


Glenn P. Nocera President
Brooklyn Young Republican Club.
Going Strong Since 1880.



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