Hindsight is 2020


They say hindsight is 20/20, if that is the case, then it is imperative that we don’t make the same mistakes twice. The Brooklyn Young Republican Club is starting the new decade off a little differently. We are doing something current republican groups are not doing.

We are going to listen.  

The BKYR is taking it back to basics and will reconnect our vision with local communities — by speaking their language (even literally). What is our vision for Brooklyn and beyond? To advance life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all people. No matter a person’s religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, or citizenship status. We are going to reach out to communities, listen, and refocus our priorities on issues that the Mayor, the City Council, and Albany have consistently dropped the ball on. But to solve issues locally, we need to think globally. 

We need to think beyond our borders because as the melting pot of the world, its success and mission rests in the advancement of all people to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In this aspect, thinking globally is the most efficient mechanism to guarantee our continued enjoyment of those rights here at home. Whether that is organizing for climate action, tackling student debt, or the fight to end “never-ending” wars, we will work to bring solutions to these issues.

We aim to cultivate an ethos that fosters true unity as Americans; standing up for all human beings struggling to make it, who yearn to start a family, or are struggling to raise one. Through community building, shared values, and a commitment in promoting the general welfare as the constitution requires, together we will move Brooklyn forward.

We will strive to advance equity, wherever it may lack, towards the many major issues facing the world, all while dedicated to cultivating and supporting strong, forward-thinking leaders to participate in the political process, and work to bring transparency, accountability, and reform to Brooklyn and beyond.

Through our bold new agenda initiative over the course of a few months, we will orient ourselves to what the people need, and develop a platform of solutions to those issues. We will fight for people, not abstract concepts. As we move forward into the new decade, remember one thing, the “R” in republican means reform.