Brooklyn GOP Severs Ties With The Brooklyn Young Republican Club, Yet Again!


For the second time in 9 years–a record-breaking distinction, the Kings County Republican County Committee tonight has once again decided to sever ties with the Brooklyn Young Republican Club with no notice, no charges and no opportunity to partake in any deliberations.

Given that the leadership of the Brooklyn GOP arbitrarily refused any and all communications with our organization months ago at the start of an election cycle, we see that they are sticking to their typical “winning” electoral strategies.

But on top of requiring 100% fealty to MAGA and Trump in order to be a good Republican and embracing racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric that appeals to exactly 24% of New Yorkers and 0% of the United States Constitution, we’re not exactly sorry to see them go.

We’ll continue to pursue actions that make the Republican Party internally and externally the best vehicle for advancing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. And we’ll let Brooklyn Republican Party leadership do what it does best: lose elections while eating its own.