Civic Republican Caucus

Freedom from domination for all

“Civic Republicans look to maximize opportunity and minimize wrongful control from government and others on your life. In other words we stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Eric Butkiewicz, 24, Middle Village

This is Eric.

He’s a 24 year old law student from NYC.

Why Eric is a Civic Republican

Civic Republicans brings the Republican party back to its philosophical roots. Once again we can be the party of Lincoln, US Grant, and Teddy Roosevelt. We can bring civility back to our society and unite together to advance and adapt America for a new generation.

Not too long ago midstream politicians ran with the goal of finding mutual consent to get legislation passed. Today radicals have taken over our political discourse and they decry anyone who tries to reach mutual consensus as weak and a “traitor.” This internal turmoil has detracted from the issues that actually matter to this country such as: Student Debt, Stagnant Middle Class Wages, Failing Education Systems, Lack of Quality Affordable Healthcare, and Balancing The Federal Budget.

Civic Republicanism allows us to move away from the left-right, progressive-conservative dichotomy and focus back on the issues that matter. We can once again become a big tent party. Once again we can compete in states such New York with common sense driven policies free from ideological bent. We can effectively fight back against real socialism and radicals taking over our nation’s cities and suburbs. We can create a government that upholds the American dream for all while limiting the ceiling for none. 

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