Happy New Year! New Year, New Club


2020 is now in the rear view mirror (FINALLY!) and the Brooklyn Young Republican Club looks forward to what is to be a year of rebirth. As an independent entity from the establishment, the BKYR are choosing to tread a new wing of the party. A governing philosophy that ensures all people have the right to thrive. A Civic Republican government that promotes the common good of all people. Our goal is to build a solution-driven political culture by engaging the community and electing better leaders, who will represent our communities and fight for innovative, civic republican solutions to our current crises.

This fight for substantive transformations and a solution-driven political culture will take all of us. Members must renew their membership by January 31st. In order to push full steam ahead with our mission, we will need investment. The BKYR have adjusted its yearly dues to reflect a sincere commitment to building a new coalition.

Lastly, all members must adhere to our new membership policy. No longer can we tolerate these transgressions of the nationalist populist majority of the party. The young Republicans of this club will reject hostility to equal justice, equal rights, and equal opportunity for every American to thrive. We reject racist and xenophobic rhetoric and policies. We reject baseless conspiracy theories whose purpose is to incite violence against fellow Americans and suppress our sacred right to vote. READ FULL STATMENT AND RESOLUTION HERE.

We look forward to 2021!